Who are the Spaniards who request more credits online?

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As a result of the lack of liquidity due to the situation that, unfortunately, our country still has, the number of online credits granted has a high rate, however, in which autonomous communities are most requested?

Today in Sir Anthony Absolute’s blog we will try to address this issue to have a broader vision of how these financial products are acting on the population.

As expected, in the ranking of the list, Catalonia and Madrid are at the top, receiving more credits online although closely followed by the Canary Islands . The consequence of this is that the Spaniards increasingly rely on this type of services in order to face unforeseen expenses.

In the case of Catalonia and Madrid

Being the two most important cities and with greater economic activity, it is normal that they are places where online credits have a great presence. On the other hand, Andalusia also presents very high data since it also has a significant influence on the poor economic and unemployment situation experienced by this Autonomous Community, followed closely by Extremadura .

Be that as it may, a large part of the population already knows and trusts online credits to be able to get a better return on their domestic economy and it does not surprise us because their operation and advantages are many compared to the traditional financial products of banking entities.

Let’s look a little more carefully

debt loan

Fast loans, as the name implies, are obtained almost immediately and some experts already call it the new bank of the 21st century thanks to the modern and reliable technology they use.

One of the fundamental premises of all companies that are dedicated to the granting of online credits is speed , since applying for this product should not take more than a few minutes, so that they have some forms on their websites that They can be filled in a few minutes with some personal and bank details, and the request for granting is formally made.

Another of the fundamental pillars on which this type of business is based is the ease they provide to all users to obtain it, since they also make available a telephone number and a bureaucratic process of the simplest that exist without the need for having to present guarantees and a lot of complementary documentation as in the banks.

The process is automated so they process thousands of applications at the same time and are always available, 7 days a week for 24 hours, being the system itself that determines the creditworthiness of each user based on certain factors or requirements.

Its mechanism is transparent and secure , since all the information is provided from the first moment, without small print and thanks to this, thousands of Spaniards have already tried it and have met their expectations satisfactorily.

It is also important to note that most companies have a sustainable system, that is, they are lenders that provide money only to those who can pay off the loan without having to get into financial problems. That is why aspects such as being of legal age, having a Spanish identity document, a mobile phone number and being the owner of a bank account are usually required.

If the user meets all the conditions determined by the company in question, it is possible to obtain the requested amount in 15 minutes . On certain occasions, the process can be delayed up to 48 hours if requested during the weekend, holidays or if the entities of the user’s bank account do not match that of the online credit granting company .

For your return

For your return

They usually offer different ways to maximize the entire process, moreover, you can even request extensions if on the due date agreed at first you can not proceed to full return. In this same sense, you can also make an advance payment of the loan to pay off the debt in full or in part so that you can save the proportional part of the interest.

Ultimately, online loans help anyone who needs it with short-term loans based in part on a relationship of mutual trust that increases as loans are requested and returned correctly, hence users with some age in these Companies have benefits.

Thanks precisely to these characteristics, online loans have entered the economic sector of thousands of Spanish and autonomous families who at certain specific moments need an extra and urgent injection of money, becoming their preferred alternative to the obstacles and impositions that determine the Traditional banks based on time and requirements.

Madrid and Catalonia are specialists in this but progressively, the studies show how a continuous evolution in positive is taking place in the rest of the Autonomous Communities since the crisis has affected at national level and its effects are still being felt in most of the Spanish territory .

Therefore, if they are in a complicated situation in which you have to face the payment of an unforeseen expense and need money, enter the comparator of Sir Anthony Absolute and find the company that best conditions offers you according to your needs and personal circumstances . Thanks to this tool that is updated daily, hundreds of users every day get money quickly, efficiently and personalized.

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