Study On The Demand For Loans Between Which Ages Are More Applications Made?

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In the last study we conducted on consumer loans, we draw interesting conclusions. So if you are interested in knowing between which ages more loan applications are made , it is the topic that we will address in today’s article. You will not believe it!


At what age range are more loans requested?

At what age range are more loans requested?

First, young people under 24 are the least indebted. Generally, it is a profile that is still finishing its studies and is beginning in the labor market; So you don’t tend to need a loan.

In figures, we could say that 1 in 10 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 apply for a small loan (microcredit type). However, in the case of people over 55, 1 in 3 apply for a loan.

It can be extracted that, the higher the income, the more common it is to resort to a loan.

However, these data that we tell you come from 2017 and, as the years go by, the loans are booming. What does this mean? That more and more loans are requested “for everything”.

That is, if years ago they were only asking for purchases or important services (going to the University, making a Master’s degree, buying a car, a ticket for a flat …) now more and more people (especially young people under 40 years) who opt for a loan to go on a trip, buy a smartphone, etc. In short, for whims, things that perhaps are not essential.


Fast online loans are booming

Fast online loans are booming

Young people, when requesting an extra amount of money generally resort to this financial product. They tend to apply for quick loans whose processing is online; to meet any economic need. In addition, they are usually of a small amount.


Profile of people requesting an urgent loan

requesting an urgent loan

More than half of the people who ask for an urgent loan are between 30 and 40 years old . It is a curious fact; which confirms that at these ages it is more common for unforeseen events that lead us to have to pay money immediately. Some of the most common examples could be the breakdown of a car, the spill in a house, etc.


So … at what ages are more requests made?

loan request

It depends on the type of loan. However, we could say that between 30 and 40 years more applications are received.

However, as we say, online loans are a booming financial product, due to how comfortable and accessible it is. So more and more young people decide to hire them, given the facilities that exist.


Do you want to ask for a loan? Do it through our credit simulator

Do you want to ask for a loan? Do it through our credit simulator

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